Portable Closet

Portable closet is the ‘in’ thing, especially, if you have run out of space or if you want more space. They can be hidden discreetly in an attic, garage or in a spare office room. The novelty aspect is that, they can be moved from one place to another. Portable closets are used for hanging suites, sweaters, undergarments, aprons and other utensils. The basic portable closet costs around 20 to 30 dollars and the bigger ones cost around 100 dollars. The bigger portable closets are 5 feet in height and 4 feet wide.

Wordrobe Closet

Some of them are also used for storing shoes, dirty laundry, and bedroom linen. They are versatile, in the sense that, they can be adapted and adjusted to suit your needs. All portable closets have wheels for easy maneuverability. Many have metal rods for hanging clothes and have separate racks for neat arrangement of shoes and even ties.

Portable closets are also useful for homes with an office room, which doubles over into a spare bedroom, where the missing link is a closet. They can be used in the bedroom and spare room. They are very useful in our guest bedrooms; where, the closets get easily filled up.

Portable closets are equally useful in a laundry room. The clothes taken out of the dryer need some place for hanging. If the closet is far away, the mobile closet will prove to be handy; not only for drying clothes, but also for transporting from one place to another. Some of them have plastic bags, which after adding the garment you desire, can be sealed. They protect our clothes from dust and bugs, as well as allergies. For clothes, which need longer term storage, portable closets offer protection from moisture and humidity; storing your clothes in a covered or protected enclosure, keeps them crisp and dry. The additional airflow facilitated by them keeps your clothes breathing.

Large Portable ClosetSmaller portable closets only have enough space for hanging clothes, however larger models have more than enough space for hanging clothes, shelves and drawers for storing shoes, ties, underwear, laundry, and some models, even offer a compartment for dirty clothes. Several models also have separate shoe racks, as storing shoes is a messy affair. Bigger portable closets usually come with wheels for easy movement, but smaller ones can be folded and carried from one place to another. The best compromise is to choose a model that combines the best of all worlds.

The idea of a portable closet is to store, organize and protect thing, as you would do in a conventional closet; except, for the fact that, they are convenient, cheap, and easy to move. Choosing a portable closet can be based on style, frames used, extra storage facility, design, provided covers & linens, air flow factor, and price. Some of the more stylish models can also enhance the surrounding space where you place them. A Portable closet should be economical, user friendly, eye catching, and of course, portable. The beauty of these things is that, they can be placed anywhere and suit every purpose. So, get out there and buy one, you can’t go wrong!

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